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Elevate your fitness experience - book classes with your favorite studios and instructors when it's convenient for you.

Where fitness schedules intersect

"I founded The Tight Fit for people like me whose schedules fluctuate and often don't align with the fixed timetables of fitness studios. The Tight Fit addresses the daily fluctuations in fitness class demand and supply and also elevates the fitness experience, which is a win-win for clients, studios, and instructors."

Jennifer Milacci

Owner and Founder, The Tight Fit

Workouts when you want them: Find, suggest, and book classes that align with your busy schedule, featuring studios and instructors you love.


Maximize your schedule's potential: Connect with new clients, amplify brand loyalty, and teach more classes to boost your earnings.


Optimize studio usage and generate incremental revenue. Offer clients and instructors the ability to schedule classes during your studio downtime.

Studio Owners

Search for classes by studio, instructor, or class type

Find classes near you

Propose new classes or times, and book existing classes in the app

Shape your ideal fitness schedule

The Tight Fit for iOS and Android

How do I add my studio to The Tight Fit app?

To add your studio, complete this form. One of our team members will reach out to assist you in getting set up.

When will I be charged for a class?

If you have indicated interest in a class, you will be charged for it once it's confirmed to take place. If you need to cancel, you will receive a refund as long as it's within the specified cancellation window. 

How do studios receive payments?

Studios receive total class revenue minus any applicable subscription and class fees.

How do instructors get approved?

Instructors can be invited by studios they work with through The Tight Fit app. Once invited, instructors can create an account and express their interest in teaching specific classes for that studio within the app. Instructors also have the option to attend offered classes as clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness that fits your schedule

Fitness that fits your schedule

Busy lives demand flexibility. The Tight Fit provides the freedom of flexible fitness scheduling by bringing studios, clients, and instructors together for on-demand, pop up classes that meet everyone's unique scheduling needs.

Specify available time slots

Set minimum attendance and class costs

Utilize a three-way marketplace to connect clients with their preferred classes

Manage studios, classes, and instructors

The Tight Fit Studio Admin Portal

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